Supreme Comercial MUNDI
Automation, Database, Management and Control Software for Small-business, Shops, Retail Point-Of-Sales, Offices. Sales Register.
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Supreme Comercial MUNDI is a SOFTWARE application for COMMERCE, small-business companies AUTOMATION, CONTROL and MANAGEMENT, fast, and easy-to-use . It is designed to be used in computers with Microsoft Windows, for ALL types of Commerce, small-business, small and medium shop, point-of-sale (POS) and small offices.

The SOFTWARE is available to be Installed and Used in your selected Language:
ENGLISH ++ you can select from 92+ available languages, in Language menu at main screen.
Download and Install the FREE VERSION of Supreme Comercial MUNDI software to your computer, and experience it now, theres NO TIME LIMIT.

Supreme Comercial MUNDI system - Main features::
A modern, practical, objective, intuitive, and easy-to-use SOFTWARE SYSTEM for AUTOMATION, CONTROL and MANAGEMENT of Your Company/Business.
  • Inventory Control, Sales / Orders / Invoices, functional POS (Point-Of-Sale), Cash Register/Flow;
  • DataBase for Records/Files of Customers, Suppliers/Manufacturers, your Products and/or Services; Quickly locate the informations you need, even having thousands of Customers and Items in database; Allows up to 3 codes and 3 sales prices (3 price lists) for each item/product.
  • Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable (automatically created on installment sales);
  • Payment Plans/detailed Conditions for installment sales;
  • Control of received Checks, Consignments; Credit Limit Control for Clients;
  • Generate and Print a lot of Reports (most in A4 standard page format), Labels, Business Statistical Graphs/Charts, BarCodes, Budgets, Receipts, ...
  • Compatible with almost all PC printers, including EPSON TM/POS series receipt printers;
  • Multi-Language: you may just select your Language to use the Software (default is English), or select a different language for each computer in the case of a multi-user local-network environment;
  • Local-Network (~Ethernet) enabled (02 to 10 computers): Share the Informations (that must be shared), Share the Work! Multi-User, Multi-Task. Sample: Administration, Cashier 1, Cashier 2, Sales, Credit...
  • Software Updates free for 1 year (at least 3 new improved versions are released in this period). You may participate with suggestions - related to generic small business software - to make the software even better for all users. Registered users of the Full Version are notified by e-mail, with free access to these updates and its enhancements, through internet file download + quick-and-easy update installation;
  • Automatic integration with Barcode Readers/Scanners plugged with the keyboard, and interpretation of Balances/Weighing-machines-generated barcode tags;
If you have any questions, suggestions or comments about software Supreme Comercial MUNDI, you can send a message/CONTACT , the answer will be sent to your E-MAIL as soon as possible.

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